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Pet-ccesories you never knew you needed (until now!)

At the Doctor Loulittle zoo, we’re constantly tripping over harnesses, collars, multi-function leashes, poop bags and fancy dispensers, hands-free running kits, cani-x gear, multi-purpose bowls, and a whole other range of *must-have* gadgets for the dogs and cats… Seriously, my bank balance hates me.

While browsing Etsy for a new collar for Cailín today (because she totally needs ANOTHER one), I came across some pet-ccessories that I never knew I needed, but now I totally do.

Here’s my top 10:

  1. Dog Harness with 6 Pack Holder: The essential accessory for man’s best friend. 


2. Smiling Dog Muzzle: The muzzle that says, “I’m a nice guy, really!”


3. Werewolf muzzle: The muzzle that says, “Come any closer and I’ll eat your soul. And your lunch”


4. Weiner cat toy: For the cat-owner who’s not so fond of men. Ouch, kitty’s got claws!


5. Dog frame: Every dog-house needs one of these. 


6. Painted pet portrait on a stone: These are actually awesome, I bought one for my sister a few years ago. 


7. Cremated pet jewellery: As creepy as this might seem at first, they’re oddly beautiful. I think I’m coming around to the idea- big time!


8. Upcycled computer monitor cat bed: Perfect for any tech geeks!


9. Oh f*ck, I’m lost! Dog tag: Bad Tags have an amazing selection of funny tags. Cailín wears her “I has toots in my butt” with pride.


10: Couture dog dress with Swarovski Crystals: As we’re planning a wedding, and the dogs are going to be our flower-girls, I find myself searching for dog-themed wedding supplies quite a bit. Sorry girls, I’m not spending €5,533 on your dresses, as much as I love you. 


What’s the craziest pet purchase you’ve ever made??